Delegating tasks 3. DIALOGAI: frazių pritaikymas anglų kalbos kursas internetu

Dabar sudėkime frazes į rišlų tekstą.
A: Tim, can you deal with this oder delay? Tim, you deal with this oder delay. Tim, can you leave with this oder delay?
B: I'd rather not, I'm really busy at the moment.No, no time for that.I'd rather not, I don't want to.
A: I see.
A: Jane, I'd like you to handle the delivery.Jane, handle the delivery.Jane, leave with delivery.
B: Sure.
A: Thanks.
B: No problem.
A: OK, and the last thing. Who's going to host the event?
B: We have a few options, however, there's no final decision yet.
A: Who's going to supervise this? Can I leave it with you, Mike? Who's going to supervise this?Can I handle you, Mike? Who's going to supervise this?Do it, Mike?
B: Sure. Leave it with me.
A: Thanks.