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There aren't many butlers in England today, fewer than 200. But seventy years ago there were about 30,000. 

It is an old English tradition and there is a school which wants to keep it alive. It is Ivor Spenser International School for Butler Administration. It teaches people how to be butlers. The course takes five weeks. There are about 15 students on each course. They have 86 lessons. If they succeed, they may work for a rich businessman or another important person. Maybe even a king. However, it is not easy to graduate. Some people can't even last longer than the first few days. 

So, what kind of things do they have to learn? First of all, the students learn how to properly introduce themselves to their employer. Secondly, they have to learn how to walk with a completely straight back. It takes a lot of concentration and practice. They also have to learn how to deal with unwelcome guests or to be able to stop someone who tries to get into the house to steal something. They have to be able to protect themselves and their households! Finally, they have to learn to recognise good quality products. They have to know a lot about shoes, tobacco pipes and, of course, champagne. 

On the day of graduation they receive their certificates. Then they have a small party with champagne.

So, what are they doing today? They are trying to walk with straight back. How are they doing that? They are walking with glasses on their heads. They slowly move across the floor. At the same time they are carrying trays of champagne and practicing the phrase, 'Your champagne, my lady!'. And even if they make a mistake and the glass falls and crashes, they need to remain calm. 

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