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I really like travelling. And on each journey I want to experience something new. So, this year I think I will travel to Sicily to see the famous tourist attraction - Etna. It is a volcano. In fact, it is over 3,000 metres high so it is Europe's highest volcano. And the loud noise, smoke and gas that come from the mountain remind us that Etna is active. Nobody knows when it will erupt. It can erupt at any time.

There are many people who live around this volcano, so it's important to know what is happening in it. Scientists watch Etna all the time. So why do people live there? It really seems dangerous. 

Well, the volcanic ash is very good for farming. So people grow food there. They also make money from tourists who come to see the eruptions.

However, it is not an easy place to live. Nearby there is a town of Nicolasi. It was built more than 800 years ago, but Etna has destroyed it twice. All the people of this town know that it will probably happen again. But the people say that they know the risk. And if Etna destroys the town, they will rebuild it. So, people understand the danger, they know the volcano will erupt again. They can't avoid it. They just hope it will not happen tomorrow. They know how to live with it and it doesn't scare them. 

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