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On the coast of Northern Ireland there is one of the country's most important tourist sights. It is the Giant's Causeway. It looks like a road made of many rock columns. 

Where does the Giant's Causeway come from? Well, there are two explanations. Some people believe that there is a scientific explanation, but other people believe in a legend. 

So, let's start with the scientific explanation. Geologists say that the Giant's Causeway was made by a volcano about 60 million years ago. The lava erupted very quickly and the flows were very thick. It was a bit like mud on a hot day. Mud becomes dry and shrinks. When it shrinks, it gets smaller. This is what made the strange columns. So, geologists think that the causeway is a natural rock formation.

Now, let's look at the legend. One day Finn MacCool, an Irish giant, got angry with a Scottish giant who lived 25 miles across the sea. So, Finn decided to go to Scotland. As he wasn't a good swimmer, he had to build a road to Scotland. And he built it from rocks from volcanoes. He called it the Giant's Causeway. 

It doesn't really matter who or what made the causeway. Every year thousands of visitors come to see this wonderful place. 

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