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Essaouira is a very beautiful town in Morocco. There's a lot of history here. The old town was built in 1700s. And it is part of UNESCO's World Heritage. It's a place where travellers can go back in time. 

But this town is facing a big change. Once it was a fishing town and fishing business was good. But not anymore. Fishermen can't catch as many fish as before. The small boats of this village can't compete with big fishing boats from other places. The life of fishermen is now very hard. 

But the people believe that this is going to change. They hope that thousands of tourists who visit the town every year will help it grow. The number of tourists is growing and it is going to grow in the future. The fishing industry is going to decrease but the village is going to survive from the money that the tourists bring. 

However, tourism is going to bring another problem, which is pollution. Tourism can also grow too quickly, so it's going to be important for this village not to sell out its people, culture and environment.

The people of Essaouira have to make some very important decisions. Will they be able to protect the environment? Will they be able to develop tourism and protect their identity? Will they be able to survive? 

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