Anglų kalbos kursas: Discoveries

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Columbus was one of the most important people in history. He was born in Italy, in 1451. When he was a young man, he studied geography. And he wanted to find a new sea route from Europe to Asia. 

As he knew that the earth was round, he thought he could reach the east by sailing west. He also understood, it would be very expensive. In 1492, he persuaded King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain to give him the money for his voyage. He had enough money for three small ships.

So, Columbus and his group sailed west. The voyage was very long and tiring. Then, finally, on the 12th of October, they saw land. Columbus believed that he and his sailors reached Asia. Therefore, he called the people on the island 'Indians'. 

Columbus returned to Spain with gold and other things. He made three more voyages to the New World. But he never found a route to bring spices from Asia to Europe. So he wasn't a happy man when he died in 1506. 

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