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Lisa: So, Tina, what did you do last weekend?
Tina: We went to the seaside.
Lisa: Was the weather good?
Tina: Oh yes! It was sunny and hot. We went swimming, spend lots of time on the beach, and played volleyball. Lisa, what about you?
Lisa: We went to the new amusement park outside the city.
Tina: What was it like?
Lisa: It was really good. There were a lot of activities for kids and good outdoor cafés for parents.
Tina: Sounds fun.
Lisa: It really was.
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Sophie: Where did you travel last summer?
Tom: We went to Italy, to Venice.
Sophie: Oh, that's lovely! Did you enjoy it?
Tom: Of course! Those narrow streets were amazing and we sailed on a gondola.
Sophie: Did you try Italian food?
Tom: Yes, but I have to say, I'm not a fan of pasta and pizza.
Sophie: Oh, I see.
Tom: What about you? Where did you go on your last holidays?
Sophie: We travelled to Greece. We wanted to spend lots of time on the beach. And we really enjoyed it.
Tom: Did you try Greek food?
Sophie: Sure. I loved it!
Tom: Yeah, I love it too.
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There ... outdoor cafés for parents in the amusement park. - verčiama kaip: were|weren't
Sophie...|Tom... - verčiama kaip: travelled to Greece.|travelled to Italy.
Lisa went to ... - verčiama kaip: amusement park.|a park in the city.

Parink teisingą atsakymą.

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Tina .. - verčiama kaip: spend time on the beach.|didn't play volleyball.
At the seaside... - verčiama kaip: it was sunny and hot.|it wasn't sunny but it was hot.
Sophie...|Tom... - verčiama kaip: liked the food.|didn't like the food very much.
Tom...|Sophie... - verčiama kaip: sailed on a gondola.|swam in the sea.