Anglų kalbos kursas: The weather

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Britain has mild summers and winters and rainfall is evenly spread throughout the year. But the problem is that the weather is really unpredictable.

Britain has got four seasons. 

Spring starts in March, the temperature goes up and Britain has more sun. It's a great time to visit this country because of the beautiful blooming meadows. But spring can also be wet and windy. 

Summer is the best season. They sometimes have a bit of rain, but they can have weeks of rain, too. And it is hard to predict. July and August are the hottest months. In summer they can have periods of heatwave, too. 

The golden, brown colours of autumn are beautiful. It is usually quite warm but they can also have snow. 

Winters are grey and wet. February is the coldest month. 

Southern England is the warmest area of the UK, with less rain and higher temperatures than all other regions. 

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