Anglų kalbos kursas: Places to visit

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Pasiklausyk teksto apie Berlyną, tada pasiklausyk dar kartą skaitydamas tekstą ir atlik užduotis.

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Berlin is one of the most vibrant multicultural cities in Europe. Today there are about 3.5 million people. Half a million of these people are immigrants. They are from 185 different countries. Many of them live in communities. 

In the area of Kreuzberg there are many people from Turkey. This is a lively area. There are bookshops, nightclubs and many Turkish restaurants. 

Art Mile is now the city's art centre. There are two international art events. These events attract thousands of visitors from around the world every year.

There are many musicians, artists and designers who live and work in Prenzlauer Berg. But there are also quiet cafes in this area. People drink tea, read books and relax there. 

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