Anglų kalbos kursas: Hobbies

6.3 Text

Dabar pasiklausyk pasakojimo, tada pasiklausyk dar kartą skaitydamas tekstą.

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Bed racing is very popular in some areas of the USA. In this competition people push beds along the streets, usually through the middle of the city. The teams need to push their beds faster than the others. 

Before the race the teams practice a lot. However, they have strict rules. The beds can only be of one size, they can't have an engine and they can only have four wheels. Only six people can push the bed and only one person can sit on the bed. 

But the teams can decorate their beds as they like. Beds often have big wheels, which are usually painted in different colours. Some beds look like crazy boats, others have flowers. People also wear strange clothes. 

Many spectators come to watch their favourite teams. They give money which goes to charity and all people have fun. 

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