Anglų kalbos kursas: A day in a life

3. TELL ABOUT YOUR DAY - dialogues

Pasiklausyk dialogų ir atlik užduotis.

- verčiama kaip:
A: When do you get up?
B: I don't get up very early, about 9.00 or 9.30.
A: And when do you leave for work?
B: I don't go to work, I work from home.
- verčiama kaip:
Does she get up early? - verčiama kaip: No, she gets up at 9.00 or 9.30.|Yes, she gets up early, at 9.00 or 9.30.
Where does she work? - verčiama kaip: She works from home.|She goes to work.
A: When do you have breakfast?
B: I don't have breakfast at all.
A: When do you have lunch?
B: I have lunch at about midday.
A: And when do you have dinner?
B: At about six o'clock.
- verčiama kaip:
He doesn't have...|He has lunch...|He has dinner... - verčiama kaip: ...breakfast.|... at midday.|... at six o'clock.
A: When do you finish work?
B: I finish work at about five o'clock.
A: And when do you get home after work?
B: I get home at about 5.30.
- verčiama kaip:
NO|YES - verčiama kaip:
YES|NO - verčiama kaip: